How Drinking Hydrogen Water Can Improve Your Skin

Hydrogen Water is Good for Both Your Skin and Body It seems like there is always a new cutting-edge water or sports energy drink on the market claiming to do the most uh-mazing things, but I’ve been recently introduced to the latest in liquid nourishment that can do just that!  It contains a tiny little miracle molecule that can literally reverse … Read More

Is Your Device Aging You?

Is Your smartphone damaging your skin?

Summertime in the OC can bring some hot sunny days. Sunny days usually make everyone a little bit more conscious of the need for sunscreen and SPF in order to ward off sunburns and harsh UV rays that can cause damage to our skin. But do you know that the sun isn’t the only thing we should be worrying about … Read More

Give Your Skin A Powerful Shot With The All New Coolifting Beauty Gun Treatment Now Offered at Tru Skin Rituals in Costa Mesa

Tru Skin Rituals Coolift Gun Treatment

A hand held beauty device that infuses powerful hydration and facial rejuvenation with the modern approach of cryophoresis (disbursement of particles through cold migration) Have you heard about the newest skin lifting, wrinkle reducing gun?  Um, yes, that’s right…I said a skin treatment gun!  You can now give your skin a cold blast of beauty with the all new CooLifting beauty … Read More

Tru Skin Rituals Now Offers Virtual Skincare Consultations

Tru Skin Rituals Virtual Consultation

You’ve asked and now here they are! Virtual Skincare Consultations! Did you just wake up and notice a new blemish on your face? Having a hard time finding the perfect solution for your skincare issues because you just don’t know what product to use or which brands you can trust?  Well don’t you fret! Now you can book an online … Read More

2018 Oscar Worthy Celebrity Red Carpet Skincare Tips

2018 Oscar Worthy Red Carpet Skincare Tips

The Oscars are this Sunday on March 4th, 2018, and here in L.A. it’s all about awards show season.  Each awards show is surrounded by its own frenzy of fashion do’s and don’ts, Hollywood hair how-to’s, and the never ending quest for glowing and flawless skin. Many of the Hollywood stars have their own go-to tricks for getting Oscar worthy … Read More

Do You Know What You’re Picking? Learn the difference between sebaceous filaments, whiteheads, and blackheads. 3 of The Most Common Skin Care Issues.

When you find yourself peering in the 5x magnifying mirror to scrutinize your skin problems, you might have noticed a couple of different types of culprits that pop up on your face frequently and ruin your “flawless skin” status. You’ll either be frustrated by little black, white, or grey dots that are either raised or indented around your nose and … Read More

5 Tips to Eating Your Way to Healthy Skin

Eat Your Way To Healthy skin pc: Ladylux

  I’m sure you know how important what you eat is to your body, but did you also know that it’s just as important for clear, healthy skin?  Yep, in the same way that eating too much fast food, salty, high sodium, and processed food is bad for your figure…it’s also bad for your face.  So here are 5 tips … Read More