5 Tips to Eating Your Way to Healthy Skin

Eat Your Way To Healthy skin pc: Ladylux

  I’m sure you know how important what you eat is to your body, but did you also know that it’s just as important for clear, healthy skin?  Yep, in the same way that eating too much fast food, salty, high sodium, and processed food is bad for your figure…it’s also bad for your face.  So here are 5 tips … Read More

The Benefits of Blue Light Therapy at Tru Skin Rituals Facial Spa

Blue Light Therapy in Orange County by Tru Skin Rituals

Let’s talk about the latest development in light therapy. So many clients may be confused on what it is and the specific benefits the different light colors give. So here’s a little crash course in light therapy, and more specifically “Blue” light therapy. Light therapy is an FDA approved, safe, painless, drug-free, recovery-free, and professional facial treatment that uses the … Read More

What Is AHA and Why Is It a Common Skincare Ingredient?

One of the most important lessons of skincare is to understand what you actually put on it. It can be fairly safe to take the advice of professionals. After all, they’ve gone through the education, understand the risks, and for the most part … have seen first hand what products and skincare systems can do for a person’s skin. However, … Read More

What?! The Fountain of Youth is Real?

The fountain of youth has been in many fairy tales for decades. Legend states that whoever drinks from the fountain of youth can stay young forever.

Peach fuzz be gone. Without the stress. DermaGlow Facial

The bearded dragon, fuzzy wuzzy had some hair, peach fuzz … are all the things that could horrify you if you’d heard over your shoulder. Whether they’re talking about you or not might get you thinking about your own facial status.

The Importance of Keeping Up with Skincare Education

At the beginning of this month, I had the privilege of attending the Aesthetics Skincare Show in Las Vegas, where my colleagues and I had the opportunity to further our education, while getting to understand and learn more about current industry trends.