Happy New Year Lovelies!! It’s the start of 2019 and there has been so much going on here at Tru Skin Rituals and I just can’t wait to share it with you! For starters, we have a brand new location!! It has been a longtime dream of mine to operate in my very own stand-alone facial studio and I am so excited about and in love with this new space – I just know that you will love it too! We have relocated to 474 E 17th Street, Suite 207 in Costa Mesa (California, 92627), not too far from our former location. We are still a local Costa Mesa independent beauty business (smile).

Secondly, along with our new location, we have a wonderful new addition to our staff and Tru Skin Rituals family! Paige Norcutt (of Skin by Paige) has joined my team and I can’t wait for you to meet her because she is fantastic! Paige will be offering fabulous facials and you can connect with her on her Instagram account at @skinbypaige (but make sure you are also following ours at @truskinrituals too!).

So this brings me to my next topic (and the heart of this beauty blog post); I am happy to announce that (in honor of a new year, a new location, and a new look for Tru Skin Rituals – we just revamped our website giving it a fresh new face lift) I will be offering a new menu of bespoke beauty treatments at the spa. What are “bespoke beauty treatments”, you ask? Well here at Tru Skin Rituals, they are custom facials that are based on your specific skin type and designed to give your skin the individual results it needs.

With the popularity of brands and service providers personalizing everything for a customer from custom skin care, couture clothing, and even customized fragrances and perfumes, I wanted to also give my clients the completely customized facial treatment experience that they deserve because hey, here at Tru Skin Rituals, we are cutting edge, a leader in the skincare industry, and know how important it is to… well, feel important!

If you take a look at our website, you’ll notice that our menu of facial offerings has changed a bit from the branded facials we offered before. You can still receive any of the wonderful specialized facial treatments previously offered, like custom skincare strategy, light therapy, Hydrafacials, and Coolifting, but our facials are now based on the number of treatment modalities that you receive instead of a generalized treatment process like the formerly branded facials. A treatment modality is simply the process and method used to treat a client for a particular condition. For instance, if you wanted to address skin breakouts, and also sought to have your skin look a bit brighter, tighter, and firmer, you would opt for an acne-fighting treatment and a microcurrent treatment (since microcurrent helps to tone and tighten the skin).

Now let’s say you loved our former Tru Glow Facial – well, you can still receive it but now it will be custom tailored to use a personalized process of treatment method and skincare products that will give your specific skin it’s individual glow. You simply let me know what you are wanting for your skin, what issues your skin has been giving you, and then relax while I put my skin magician’s hat on and go to work to give you the results you need. You’ll decide the number of modalities and the length of time you’d like for your facial and voila! Lay back and let the magic happen as I work to get your skin into the glow zone! How cool is that? We are treating everyone like VIP’s around here!

We have an extensive list of treatment modalities to help with:
– Clearing acne
– Brightening skin
– Tightening and firming the skin
– Lifting and toning skin
– Skin hydration
– Lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
– Methods for addressing redness, inflammation, and skin texture
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Exfoliation, clogged pores, pigmentation
And more…

So as you can see, our facials can be customized to address any one or as many skincare issues or outcomes that your heart desires. Bespoke beauty is set to be one of the biggest trends in 2019 and beyond. In fact, many skin care companies are now creating DNA specific skincare products that will treat an individual’s skin care needs based on their DNA. Woah! While I promise we won’t require a cheek swab before your next treatment, I can offer our virtual consultations and a thorough pre-treatment client skin history evaluation to help define the perfect at home bespoke beauty routine and skin care plan that will be right for you.

At the end of the day, we all want to find the one thing that will work for us. Whether it’s a custom blended foundation color, a custom tailored outfit, or a facial that will directly target the problems you might be having, or provide proactive solutions to results you want to see. No one wants to waste time or money with a one-size fits all facial or beauty routine so now, at Tru Skin Rituals, we are taking the trial and error out of aesthetics. This new method of providing you with results-driven skincare can address so many different skincare issues and will truly provide you with the individualized skincare routine that is as unique as you. I am a nurturer at heart. My passion is to provide my clients with more than just a facial, more than just a means to an end in improving or maintaining their skin. I truly want to give everyone that walks into Tru Skin Rituals Skincare Studio an opportunity to give themselves the gift of a unique and individualized skincare experience and our new bespoke beauty treatments allow me to do just that!

Can’t wait to see you in the studio for your own bespoke beauty!