Summer, the season for oily, sun damaged skin. What is there to do? Can an Esthetician help? Are there at-home products that actually work to maintain and prevent further damage?

summer acne

Yes! Yes! and Yes!

The Season for Stressed Skin

Summer isn’t just about the heat. It’s about the days when more outdoor activities take place, BBQs are more frequent, as well as the amount of unhealthy food that are served with the amount of events and parties that take place during the 3 hot months.

Remember our post about eating for your skin? Well, there will be times these healthy habits lapse. Of course, sweating and heat, which promotes open and dirty pores don’t help either.

Acne becomes much more common with stressed skin. Summer is definitely a time when stressed skin happens due to the many challenges it goes through. Hence, the reason for increased conditions of acne.

4 Helpful Ways to Control Acne Breakouts During the Summer

  • Drink plenty of water

    Water is good for you in many ways, including the ability to cleanse your body. Keep your body hydrated and your skin will be less likely to overproduce unnecessary oils, which give way to the bacteria that helps to produce acne.

  • Regulate your sugar intake

    The Summer heat can cause increased appetites and sugar intake. People want to drink more sugary sweets to quench their thirst. Of course sugary drinks can also make you more thirsty increasing possible chances of inflammation that cause acne as well as carbohydrates that cause weight gain.

  • Don’t skip your evening cleanse

    An regular evening cleanse during the Summer is more important than ever. Not only are you more likely to be exposed to UVA and UVB, but you are also more likely to have larger pores and oily, dirty skin, depending on what you do and how well you keep your face clean during all your Summer activities.

  • Be mindful of the sunscreen product you use

    Summer skin usually requires sunscreen for many reasons, especially during the Summer days. However, there are some sunscreens that can potentially clog your pores and sometimes do a lot of damage. Being mindful of the ingredients in these sunscreens and finding out which are right for your skin can help reduce future breakouts.

How TruSkin Rituals Can Help

You try your best and sometimes your best is still not good enough. Those little acne bumps on your face will just appear no matter how hard you’ve tried to keep them away. So your next best option is to visit your favorite Esthetician, especially the one in Orange County, TruSkin Rituals.

Give us a call and we will assess your skin’s condition and provide you with the absolute best care and solution to your acne concerns! We will set you up with an in-house treatment as well as helpful products to manage your breakouts from the comfort of your own home.