Stem cells are the new hype in skincare at the moment. It seems that every new product claiming to provide the most effective results have some type of stem cell marketing around their product. So let’s break it down, shall we?

What is Stem Cell Technology?

First, let’s discuss what stem cell technology is. In layman’s terms, stem cell technology is the study and research involved in using cellular biology to treat a variety of diseases. During these studies, scientists found many benefits for skin repair and growth development of cells to encourage youthful skin textures, collagen boosts, and so much more.

The idea is for the stem cell to do one of two things, stay as the stem cell it is or to develop into other cell types, like the skin. Stem cells for skincare can be derived from either plants or unfertilized embryonic human stem cells. So don’t worry, you’re not putting human embryos on your skin!

The Difference Between Plant Stem Cells and Human Stem Cells

As already mentioned, stem cells can divide and develop into other stem cells. Think about a leaf that’s broken off of a plant. There’s a chance that after a while, it will grow a new leaf. Stem cells on plants can regenerate and act according to its original functions. So how can plant stem cells possibly be as effective as human stem cells?

Scientists have found plant cells to have some modest impact on the skin. Stem cells from plants are not used for growth factors and wound healing.

Human stem cells have the ability to create more success with skin rejuvenation in that it has the ability to produce epidermal growth factors necessary to aide in anti-aging as well as the protein it needs to regulate cell division.

The Best Stem Cells for Skincare

You may have noticed a myriad of products with stem cells in them. However, none compares to stemfactor by Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare. Not only is it a product that uses human stem cell extracts, but it also contains exosomes, which are known to be a “coat of armor” to help protect the life of the growth factor. In addition, its peptide activators work to maximize receptor activation or helps its penetration process go on more smoothly and effectively.

stem cell for skincare

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