I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet all the wonderful clients and friends that have walked through my spa doors over the years. I must say that I am so happy to have had a chance to get to know them and most of all, make a difference in their skin’s life.

I love when someone tells me just how happy they feel about their soft, beautiful skin. Most of all, I love when a significant change occurs, such as when a client reaches out to me for help with their acne.

Here’s an image of a client who had great results after 2 facials and 8 light therapy treatments:

secret to my skin care treatments

Acne can be an uncomfortable situation, not just for the skin, but for the emotional state of the person who has it. Teenagers for instance, suffer through this the most and often feel very embarrassed about it. Hearing their stories always breaks my heart, because I understand the many pressures teenagers go through.

I offer many treatments that produce great results. Not to toot my own horn, but I know they’re great, because my customers tell me so! Some of them don’t just tell me, but they share their appreciation simply by coming back as often as possible.

Last week, I had a client who expressed her appreciation for her daughter’s improved skin. Her teenage daughter has had an acne situation, which has been affecting a good part of her social life. She mentioned how great it was to see the improvements and the fact that my treatments were lasting much longer than she anticipated. Her daughter’s acne weren’t reappearing as much as she thought it might.

The Awesome Effects of Light Therapy on the Skin

It’s taken me a while to share my true blue secret with the world, but now I’m ready to let it all out! Are you ready to find out the secret to my skin care treatments? Here goes …

Each of my treatments are usually followed by the awesome effects of light therapy! I absolutely love it and have used it religiously for almost 10 years now!

I have had the great opportunity to use this system since light therapy has become a hit in the world of Aesthetics and skin care. To be honest, I feel more confident about my treatments when I complete it with light therapy. Here’s why:

  • It creates longer-lasting results
  • It reduces the possibility of redness, irritation, inflammation
  • It helps reduce the bacteria, which is very helpful for acne treatments
  • It boosts collagen and results with anti-aging
  • It helps put my clients into a more relaxed state

The Only Light Therapy System I Use

Sometimes I hear people talk about light therapy and how frustrated they get with it. I don’t always respond, simply because I’m a real advocate of it and almost can’t imagine not using it.

You see, I’ve had the same system for almost 10 years and it has been so great to me. I guess it’s true when people say, “you get what you paid for!”

My system has 5 colors that helps give me many options. After familiarizing myself with my client’s skin type, I’m able to determine whether or not violet, blue, green, yellow, or red could be the most effective for them.

I use the VersaClear® light therapy system made by Theralight, Inc. and absolutely love it! In fact, since I’ve had the system, I have not had to deal with any of the problems many Estheticians have complained about regarding the LED systems they’ve purchased, which includes:

  • Maintenance fees (I’ve only had a fuse go out once in the last 10 years, which the company happily fixed for me right away)
  • Bulb replacement (haven’t had one yet and I can honestly say I sometimes use it for 10 hours straight)
  • Gets too hot (NOPE! The VersaClear® system is known for its quality. It doesn’t work like LEDs and will stay the same temperature, which is never hot nor hardly even warm, no matter how long you have it on.)
  • Results are hit and miss (again, I rarely ever do a treatment without it, which says a lot)
  • Can use up unnecessary power (haven’t noticed my power being eaten away by my system. In fact, VersaClear® is much more energy efficient than LEDs.)

Not only do I have a high quality grade light therapy system, but my clients love the way it looks! They typically comment about the system looking like it’s very high tech and get excited once I place it over them. I just wished I could have gotten it in the other colors that are now available!