Let’s talk about the latest development in light therapy. So many clients may be confused on what it is and the specific benefits the different light colors give. So here’s a little crash course in light therapy, and more specifically “Blue” light therapy.

Light therapy is an FDA approved, safe, painless, drug-free, recovery-free, and professional facial treatment that uses the power of five lights to regenerate, purify, calm, tone, and rejuvenate the skin. Light therapy is most often administered via single light units or formations of panels that are directed at the skin from a few inches away. The benefits come from exposure to the light. There is no machine-to-skin contact when the panels are involved. Light therapy can also be administered through a handheld wand that you would expose skin to in the same way, but most facial spas, like Tru Skin Rituals, use the panels, because they cover more surface area.

Ok, so now that you have a better understanding of what overall light therapy involves, let’s talk more about “Blue” light therapy. Blue light therapy is a form of phototherapy treatment that applies the wavelengths of blue light to the skin to destroy bacteria within follicles and pores beneath the skin’s surface. It is best combative against mild to moderate inflammatory acne and can be used for treatment and to help to achieve bright, clear skin. Blue light therapy is pain-free and requires no downtime. The recommended professional protocol is six treatments a week or two apart, followed by a maintenance treatment every month or two.

Light therapy treatments typically last about ten to twenty minutes and, here at Tru Skin Rituals, can be a stand-alone treatment or part of one of our facials. Contact us to experience our custom Tru Blue Facial treatment and start reaping the benefits of LED light therapy treatments. www.truskinrituals.com