The other day as I was cleaning out my skincare cabinet (which everyone should do about every six months or so), I started to think about all the different types of products that people put on their skin every day. Most people purchase and store so many products that they often forget what they have. They just keep buying and buying more and more product. In a recent survey of 4,000 women commissioned by Poshly and Stowaway Cosmetics, it was found that the average American woman owns a whopping 40 different makeup and skincare products. And among those 40 plus different cosmetic and skincare products, there are an average of 168 potentially harmful chemicals in many, if not most, of those products.

This sounds concerning right? Actually, even scary! With more and more focus being shed on what harmful chemicals and hormone disruptors in products can do to your body, I wanted to talk about this in this month’s blog. See, I am all about holistic healing, healthy living, and solution-based skincare that helps, not hurts, you. So many people, while they may lead a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle, don’t often think about what they put ON their skin in the same way that they are careful about what they put IN their skin. But not knowing enough about the ingredients in your makeup, cosmetics, and skincare can be quite damaging, and in the long run….even dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to sound all “doom and gloom”, but I want you to be informed and aware. I want you to start reading the ingredients, not just on your food labels, but on your cosmetics and skincare labels too. Ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, lead, beryllium, thallium, arsenic, and other often disguised carcinogens are among the most common endocrine disruptors used in personal hygiene, cosmetics, and skincare products.

So how do we combat this? Again, reading labels and paying close attention is the first line of defense. Another is to commit to using only natural and organic products, and those that specifically mention they are free of the bad chemicals listed above. But I have to warn you to be careful of products that only claim to have “organic ingredients” because, while they may have some ingredients that are organic, it doesn’t mean that ALL of their ingredients are organic. What you want to make sure of is that the product has a USDA-certified organic seal. This guarantees that the product is made up of at least 95% or more organic ingredients.

More importantly, what I really want to talk about and advise you on, even more so than just seeking out skincare products that are made from natural and organic ingredients, is to seek out skin care products that are not only good for you, but that really work hard for you and have a whole lot of scientific packed power in their effectiveness. One of the skincare lines that does this (and does a great job of mixing science with great skincare results) is NeoGenesis.

NeoGenesis is a company that creates skincare (and haircare) products that help the skin rebalance and heal itself naturally, promoting skin that looks and feels more youthful through a patented “Next Generation” stem cell technology. Even the name sounds scientific! So what does this really mean?

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “stem cells” right? Stem cells are special human cells that have the ability to develop into many other different types of cells, from muscle cells to brain cells. And in some cases, they also have the ability to repair damaged tissues. Because of this, and what they can do to repair damage on a cellular level, stem cells are a very valuable commodity in the science world. It has only been in recent years that a limited class of skincare products have been able to acquire and use stem cells in their formulations. NeoGenesis is one of them. But now, NeoGenesis has taken it a step further in that it’s working with a company called BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. who developed a patented technology called Stem Cell Released Molecules (SRM), and has designated the term S²RM® to reflect that SRM is derived from two or more types of stem cells. This S²RM® Technology mimics our body’s natural repair processes and centers in on the identification, selection, harvest, and stimulation of the appropriate adult human stem cell types and the capture of the molecules released from those specific stem cells into a therapeutic formulation.

Need a translation? Don’t worry, so did I at first. But let me break it down. Science enables us to harvest an array of molecules from multiple stem cell types. These molecules are the same molecules the skin and body produce in greater abundance when it is young and healthy. When stem cells are applied to aged, damaged skin, they help to return the skin to a healthier, more youthful state. However, not all stem cells are alike. This new S²RM® Technology is more advanced than other stem cell technologies in that it can capture a full and complete “system” of known molecules to use the correct set of adult stem cell types that are present in the skin and whose specific purpose is to maintain, heal, and regenerate the skin, versus using other stem cell types from other parts of the body that serve functions having little or nothing to do with healing and regenerating the skin. While all stem cells can develop the molecules for rebuilding molecular composition of a subject, (using stem cells that come from bone marrow, for instance), can and will eventually be able to regenerate and be used for skin regeneration but at a slower, less optimal pace than the stem cells that are directly purposed for skin repair and regeneration.

Prior to BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc.’s patented technology, scientists were using a “one size fits all” approach when working with stem cells, using random and uncategorized stem cells in scenarios where specialized stem cells would have been better suited. Now that BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. has changed the game in stem cell harvesting, they have licensed their groundbreaking technology to NeoGenesis Inc. for the development of an exceptional collection of skin and hair care products that are more advanced than anything else on the market today. Tru Skin Rituals is proud to carry an expanded line of NeoGenesis skincare products, and specifically, the NeoGenesis Recovery, the most advanced product containing the S²RM® Technology, in a breakthrough serum that improves anti-aging results, speeds the healing process and reduces inflammation.

So if what you’re looking for is scientific evidence of a line of skincare products that truly work with the body and has the scientific process behind its results-focused effectiveness, Tru Skin Rituals has just what you need in our NeoGenesis line. But it’s not enough to find a provider that can give you access to this wonderful line of products, you’ll also need a practitioner, a licensed esthetician who is skilled, educated, and informed on product knowledge and modalities in order to put together the right plan and treatments to give you the best customized results, and that’s where I come in :-).

Jamie Ortiz of Tru Skin Rituals is a licensed esthetician, healthy skin advocate, age management strategist, and authority on corrective skin care.