Have you ever had a WOW! moment after finding an incredibly unique product? Well, I’m about to share a really amazing tidbit with you about a product I recently just had the courage to try.

About a month ago, the company who makes the absolute best light therapy system, asked me to try their newest product, Thaumaturgic Bio Mist. Being that it was new and had not been tried by anyone I knew, I was a little skeptical about it.

I met with Theralight, Inc. (company that sells the bio mist) at the recent Long Beach Skin Care Show and I heard them talking about all the benefits. The only real ingredient in it is HOCL, which is a natural compound found in our own white blood cells that helps our skin heal. Therefore, it’s completely natural and hypoallergenic. This also makes it very safe to use with other products.

After trying it several times on myself, I finally got the nerve to try it on someone else. And WOW!!!! I was so surprised! If you’re an Esthetician, you know that an enzyme and microdermabrasion will create redness. The redness usually takes a few hours to die down, but take a look at what happened after I used the bio mist just before our amazing high intensity light therapy system.



What is an Enzyme Treatment?

Enzymes in your skin help maintain your beautiful complexion and your youthful appearance. Over time, the process starts to slow down, just as anything in life. An enzyme treatment helps to boost the effects of these natural enzymes. It’s become a lot more popular, because it’s safe and designed for all skin types. It’s not invasive like treatments, especially chemical peels and doesn’t cause a significant amount of down time. Now, with the bio mist and my amazing, high intensity light therapy system, it actually doesn’t require ANY down time!

I’m so excited to try this on other treatments. Apparently, it’s great for use after waxing, sunburns, and so much more! If all goes well, my clients will be even happier than they’ve ever been!

Thaumaturgic Bio Mist is a must-have for anybody’s purse, especially moms. It’s a great disinfectant as well and can create a fast response to bug bites, boo-boos and so much more! Best part is … it’s available for purchase at Tru Skin Rituals!